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What we like to talk about
  • I’ve always liked the saying “if it’s not broke, then don’t fix it”. It reflects the prudence more people should take when considering an amount of change. Change is, of course, natural, but there are some instances wherein an affected change should really be looked at.

  • There are a lot of people who tend to base the perceived value and ability of a person on whatever presentation they do. This is mostly a natural reaction, since the people watching the presentation may not know the presenter very well.

  • How many times have you asked the question “what am I doing wrong?” It may be rhetorical for some, but it is a rther critical question in many instances that really needs to be addressed, since some forms of failure do tend to be chronic.

  • Working abroad is not always as glamorous, exciting, or challenging as most would have us believe it to be. In many cases, it is all a grand exercise in marketing and advertising, and the reality of it all sinks in after the first few days a hapless worker arrives at the overseas job.

  • I can’t even begin to count the number of stories I heard relating to wasted opportunities, good deals gone bad, and bright careers gone dark, all because of miscommunication. If these points are not reason enough, here are a few valid reasons to do so:

  • Many habits are immensely difficult to break and get out of, leaving many people to suffer from the negative effects of these bad habits. Some habits are just seemingly so “ingrained” in the systems of some people.

  • My college days were definitely some of the best days I’ve ever had. Unlike some friends of mine who would periodically complain about how difficult it was to drag themselves out of bed just to get to school, I was always up bright and early for my morning classes.

  • Everyone knows the saying “there is no I in team”, and everyone pretty much knows why this is. What most probably don’t know is that there are also quite a number of types, apart from the “I” type, that really need to be excluded from any team if they want to become a group that works impressively well with each other.

  • Change can be confusing, disruptive, and rather unsettling for many, which is why so many people are so afraid of change. It’s almost an immediate reaction: the moment a person senses a measure of change happening, the fear starts to creep in.

  • Let me clarify first what an “important” customer is. Technically speaking, all customers are important, since they are the lifeblood of any customer-dependent business, although there are certain customers that set themselves apart from others.

  • I happened to chance upon this funny memo. I’m sure this is not true but should this be true, it’s time to prepare for the end of the world. Enjoy! Memorandum To: All Employees  From: Headquarters  Subject: Business Travel Policy Guidelines  Date: June 16, 2000  Due to fiscal constraints, the following corporate policies are announced […]

  • I knew a guy from way back who had this uncanny knack of always knowing a little something about most things. Whenever the printer would break down at work, he would try and fiddle with it until it got back to working.

What they say about us
  • I'm learning a lot from your articles. If I have found your website a few months ago, I wouldn't subscribe to this business magazine that is full of ads. Please keep them coming.

    Nanette -- Small Business Owner, Chicago, USA

  • "I was not expecting that they will go out of their way in coaching me towards starting my business idea. Maraming salamat po sa mga advise nyo. Ngayon malinaw na sa akin ang lahat"

    Mang Ernesto -- California, USA

  • This is real folks. They do give free business mentoring. Practical and doable advises. Best for SMEs.

    Alex T -- Cebu, Philippines