I was trying to hide but you found me!

I believe I would not be wrong if I say that for as long as recorded history, man has always been afraid of change.

Change can be confusing, disruptive, and rather unsettling for many, which is why so many people are so afraid of change.  It’s almost an immediate reaction: the moment a person senses a measure of change happening, the fear starts to creep in.  Reactions may differ, but so far, no one has proven to be immune to change, or even unaffected.

But what is it really about change that causes these visceral, gut-clawing feelings of fear?  Why are people so afraid of change?

It’s the fear of the unknown, the unpredictable, the things that one isn’t quite prepared for just yet.  People find great confidence in knowing that preparation equips them with whatever is needed to tackle what is needed of them, and change is the opposite of this, it’s something they haven’t prepared for, which means they aren’t equipped with whatever is needed to deal with it.

I’m not really sure why this is the case when, if you still remember it, when we were still kids growing up and school was still a novelty, everything new that we learned was exciting, and learning the unknown was actually something worth looking forward to.  I can’t really say that I am all for change.  There are changes which I don’t always agree with, or even like, for that matter, but one thing I can is I am never afraid of change.  Change is inevitable, and being afraid of it is like saying you’re afraid of the rising sun tomorrow.  It’s just illogical at times.

Not everyone is equipped with my mentality, though, and there are definitely those who will find change difficult, if not altogether unacceptable at times.  While I cannot convince people like these that the best thing they can do is accept change, I can, however, put in a few pointers that they may want to remember when dealing with change, particularly if it has something to do with business.


The school formula was quite simple: unknown + willingness to learn = knowledge.  Knowledge is the one tool humans have in their arsenal that helps them deal with whatever change might come their way.  This goes the same for the business industry.  Change in business could be subtle or catastrophic, and regardless of the change you might face, you would be in much worse shape if you did not equip yourself with valuable and relevant knowledge.  A sudden crash that is threatening to cripple your business could be dealt with, or probably even averted if you have the proper contingency measures in place, which you cannot do if you do not have the necessary knowledge.  This is why industry intelligence can make or break businesses.  It is important to know what movements there are in your particular industry, all the better to help you adopt, or capitalize on, whichever is most suited.


Ironic as it may sound, the best way to deal with change, is to be ready for it.  Since the very nature of change is somewhat impossible to predict, hence making exact preparations quite impossible, what is needed here is setting the proper frame of mind, to think that change will indeed come, and regardless of when it comes, one must always be ready for it, by not resisting it, and instead going with it.  What makes change so crippling to some is their insistence on fighting it.  Even if they are themselves able to resist change, everything and everyone around them may not, and since interacting with others is a necessity, not being able to adapt to change will definitely hurt their chances at any form of success.  It is important to always be ready to adapt to change, since this readiness conditions the mind to be able to understand and eventually deal with the change itself.  Being ready also enables a person to have better “timing” than most, allowing them the faster judgement, thus being able to react to an event or opportunity faster than others.


Fear has a way of eroding or even outright crumbling a person’s confidence and vision.  This sudden lack of drive and determination, particularly during a crucial time, could very well lead one into disaster.  At this point, I will not say what is needed against change is courage, because this would be mostly hypocritical.  I will say, however, that what is needed is determination, or that intestinal fortitude that will get a person through adversity, through terrifying changes, and still guide them straight to what they had initially set as their goal.  It is mostly a matter of steeling yourself and telling yourself that no matter what happens, you will see the task to the end you have envisioned, or at least to something close to it.  Many have claimed spectacular successes in this manner, maintaining their determination through it all, and coming out of the experience all the more convinced that keeping the drive alive in them was the best thing they had ever done during the period of change.  Determination is telling yourself you will see it through, or at the very least, ensure that even if there are changes going on that will seemingly cause you to screech to a halt, that you will continue once there is an opportunity to do so.

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